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Muslin Backdrops

Muslin Backdrops

Muslin Muslin backdrops come in an array of different styles. Master Muslins are hand painted and are washable. All MM's come with a free carrying bag.
Quick ship size availbe only in 10x20. We will reproduce all backdrops according to the last published catalog.  We will paint the backdrops according to the product shot shown NOT the usage shot.
Master Muslin Care

In order to make your new Master Muslin Photography Background colorfast
and washable, you must:
• Wash in front-load washing machine.
• Wash with cold water on light cycle.
• Preferably, air-dry the backdrop.

What is a Muslin Backdrop?

Muslin Backdrop cloth is a plain weave, cotton-based fabric. From the muslin fabric, we create several different types of muslin backgrounds for photography. All backdrops have a complimentary hemmed loop along the width for support with a crossbar using one of our portable backdrop stands.
Width by Height dimensions should always be used when ordering.