Denny Manufacturing

What is Wood Mounting on a Backdrop?

Wood mounting is complimentary on all canvas photography backdrops from Denny Manufacturing Co. in fact, this is the default method.  We will place the canvas material in between two pieces of sqaure wood across the top of the backdrop and three holes will be evenly dilled across the wood, the bottom portion of the backdrop will also be sandwiched between two pieces of half round wood.  To hang a wood mounted backdrop simply place the top of the backdrop onto the tips on one of our portable backdrop stands, unfasten the velcro straps and slowly unroll the backdrop.  You may now raise or lower the backdrop stands to the desired height, grab your camera and start shooting!  For smaller backdrops it may only be necessary to use one stand and place the center hole of the backdrop onto the backdrop stand, however larger backdrops may need two or even three backdrop stands.