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Backdrop Roller Systems for Photography

Backdrop Roller Systems for Photography

Backdrop Roller Systems

Photography backdrop lift systems can be permanently mounted to your studio walls to simplify and help with organizing backdrop collections. Denny Mfg. has a selection of rollers, parts, and complete systems. 

Motorized Deluxe Roller Systems

Motorized backdrop lifts provide the convenience of switching out backdrops quickly and efficiently. Ceiling mounted systems can be used in professional or home studios. The deluxe roller system is backed by our 36 month warranty and we have a large selection of backdrop roller systems to meet any budget. All motorized systems are built to have minimal noise. Wireless remote systems are also available. 

Manual Backdrop Lift Systems

Manual chain driven systems are popular choices for backdrops lifts among studio owners because of their ease of use. Swap out backdrops fast and without hassle. These sturdy systems keep backdrops straight and minimize wrinkles. 

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