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Chroma Key

Green Screen Backdrops

Chroma key backdrops are widely used in the photographic and video production industries. These backgrounds are often referred to as greenscreen or bluescreen. The specific colors used for these backdrops are formulated to be completely different from most skin tones, allowing for easier extraction of the subject from the background for use in post production. 

Many photographers will use a chroma key backdrop with digital backdrops and other digital images in order to enhance and provide an extra element to their photo sessions.

Why Use a Green Screen Backdrop?

A chroma key backdrop does not have to be green (the same result can be obtained with other colors), however green, blue, and gray colors are commonly used because they stand out from the subject being photographed. 

Enjoy the Benefits of a Portable Green Screen 

Denny produces chroma key backdrops in canvas, Freedom Cloth, and Twist Flex. 

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