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Fence and Gate Props

Fence and Gate Props

Fence and Gate Props

Take a look at Denny's amazing selection of realistic fence and gate props. These props shine when used in photos of infants, brides, graduating seniors, and children. You've always dreamed of owning a house with a white picket fence, now it's time to make the fence portion of that dream a reality! 

What are the Uses for Fence and Gate Props?

The only limit here is the artist's imagination. Use a picket fence prop to create that old fashioned country photo shoot. Use an ornate gate for the perfect spring or easter photo. Find a friendly puppy and plop him next to a painted picket fence prop and you're more than halfway to an irresistible photo. Shop now and be ready for the next wedding or family portrait photo. 

These props are so realistic that you'll have to blink twice to notice that they're not the real thing! 

Denny Mfg. manufactures and ships out of the United States. All these props are hand made and built to last. 

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