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Seamless Paper Backdrops

Seamless Paper Backdrops

Seamless Paper

We are proud to offer Savage Seamless Paper backdrop rolls. We offer several colors and three different sizes. All paper backdrops come rolled on a cardboard tube and can be hung using our backdrop stands and systems,

Why Use Seamless Paper as a Backdrop?

Seamless paper backdrops are a favorite choice amongst photographers. In fact Savage seamless background paper has been used for over five decades by pros all around the world. Why seamless paper? Paper is portable, lightweight, easy to use, and quickly replaceable if needed. Some photographers rely on seamless paper when traveling because they need to pack light, but still want to carry several color options. 

The Benefits of Seamless Paper

Because these backdrops don't have an end point photographers can create a photography background that stretches from the wall all the way to the floor. Seamless paper costs less than permanent backdrops, but needs to be replaced more frequently. Photographers use seamless paper for weddings, senior portraits, family portraits, and a variety of other applications. 

We only stock the most popular colors used in photography, but will happily order special colors if needed.

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