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10x6 Vinyl Banner

SKU : VB1006

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Please ensure that file you are uploading meets following requirement. Full Scale (inches) at 72dpi RGB - saved as highest quality JPEG (Adobe Photoshop® users should choose File Save As JPEG with a 12 - Max Quality setting.)
File uploading time & file processing time depends on internet speed & the size of your file. If your uploaded file is between 2 & 9mb, it may take up-to two minutes for file to process after you upload the file.
Uploaded file should be 72dpi resolution, if your file is 300dpi, please change the resolution to 72dpi before uploading. Please size your image as per the size you are ordering.
If you are placing order for multiple custom banners, please organize all upload ready files in one folder on your desktop, then choose size of the banner & upload file(s), you can upload more than one file and our shopping bag will keep track of how many banners you are ordering. Once finish uploading, click on the red x button to close upload window and add to the shopping bag, continue this process for other banner sizes of your order, any long delay between adding banner/upload file might close your session (Auto log out) and you might have to sign back in. If your browser has cookie enabled, you maybe able to see your previously uploaded images on the upload window (if you are choosing first upload option). If your security settings does not allow us to save previously uploaded images, you might have to start over. So, best thing to do is, organize files, login to our site & finish going through the process of placing order without any interruption.
Upload file will be best done on broadband connection, cell phone based internet service may be a problem. if you have big order, consider break them down to multiple of smaller orders.

Grommets are going to fall within the size stated. No bleed will be needed for printing. The grommets inside edge is approximately 1.5" from the print edge. It would be best to keep important elements (text, logos, credits) about 2" from the edge. To avoid grommets overlaying your image, setup your file at the final print size and keep the important elements 2" from the border.

Detailed instruction on various upload function we are offering:
Ordering a custom Banner at has never been easier. We have implemented easy ways for you to upload files & place orders. Upload tools will allow you to upload any type of image files (e.g. jpg, tiff, psd, eps, pdf etc.).

First option allows you to upload one or more images for the same product. Tool requires latest version of Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed. This is the preferred method of upload. It’s easy, fast & directly integrated with our shopping cart system. No need for reference code and no need to rename files. Free Microsoft Silverlight plug-in available for all popular browsers on both Windows & Mac OS.

If you are unable to use our Silverlight based upload tool or using Tablet or smart phone to place your order, you can use either of the following two methods.

Second option allows you to upload one or more images using our FTP server (maximum size per image- 200mb). Since all files going to one ftp folder, in order for to find your image, we require you to use our auto generated reference code(s) (for each image). Each reference code is an unique identifier which allows us to recognize files in a folder with thousands of files from hundreds of customers once we receive your order. Prior to uploading your images, please select number of images you will upload. This will generate reference codes for each image you will upload, so make a note of them. Again, reference codes allows us to identify which image belongs to which product & order. E.g. if your file name is "image1.jpg" & reference code is "xyz123", please rename your file as "xyz123.jpg", during upload, a popup text box will appear for each file for you to enter reference codes, in this example, type in "xyz123". Following the steps above will eliminate any problem with your custom order.

If you are unable to use first two methods or prefer to use your own file sharing site (e.g. dropbox, hightail etc.), you can use our third option. Once the option is selected, choose number of images you will share with us, Follow the same steps as our second option to rename images & add to the shopping bag. Don't forget to share image(s) with [email protected]

Please contact us with any question.

FAQ: Some of our customers using second or third upload option asks, “I selected Quantity of 1, uploaded one file, then realized need to upload one more, what can I do to upload my second image?” Answer: Just close the popup window with the red x button, add to the shopping bag, then return to the page and repeat same process as your first one.

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