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6x2 Vinyl Banner

SKU : VB0602

Current Price : $32.00

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Vinyl Banners are vailable in standard and custom sizes. Your event, your design, your banner. From sports banners ,wedding tradeshows, to the red carpet glam. You will love our prices, quality and delivery. Give us a try you won't be disappointed with our custom vinyl banners. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Please ensure your file meets the following requirements:

  • Full Scale(inches) at 72dpi RGB - saved as highest quality JPEG (Adobe Photoshop user should choose file Save as JPEG with a 12 - Max Quality setting.)
  • Upload file size limit is 200mb/file(when using our file upload option).If larger file needs to be uploaded,please contact us for instruction.
  • If your uploaded file is 2- 9mb, it may take up-to two minutes for file to process after you upload  & click on the Green Save & Continue Button. The website will begins processing your file immediately after you click that button,once file is ready, continue with the steps to complete your order.
  • If you are placing an order for multiple custom banners, please organize all upload ready files in one folder on your desktop, then choose the size of the banner & upload the file, add to the cart, continue this process for rest of the banners on your order, any long delay between adding banner/upload files might trigger an error by closing your session.  If this happens you will have to start the whole process over.
  • File uploading time & file processing time depends on your internet speed & file size.

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