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Deluxe Photograpy Backdrop Roller System -12 Ft.


Denny's Deluxe Motorized Photography Backdrop Lift System  for 12' rollers has a noiseless motor mounted inside the rollers. This roller system can be built to hold up to 8 backdrop rollers.  * Ceiling or wall mount system * Fully adjustable limit switches automatically stop your backdrops where you want them. *Quick-release roller connection & a remote control switch box with 12' cord * Adapts to Seamless Paper Backdrop rolls easily * This backdrop roller system is backed by our Full 36 month warranty on parts and labor. Approximate total weight for a 4 roller 12' system is 71 lbs. if you choose to upgrade to super rollers for large full length backdrops the weight would be approximately 151 lbs.

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Photography backdrop lift systems that can be permanently mounted to your studio walls will simplify and help you organize your backdrop collection. The deluxe roller system is backed by our 36 month warranty. We have a large selection of backdrop roller systems to meet any budget.  Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-844-5616 with any questions.

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