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ABL Lift System Instructions

ABL Lift System Instructions
Click here to download the ABL System Lift Instructions in .pdf format.

This system has universal mounting plates for either ceiling or wall attachment. Each roller unit has two mounting brackets; One for the motor mounting and One for the pillow block mounting. The length of each mounting bracket is 10.5” and the height is 12”.

The in-place mounting plate measurements for the ABL System are:
1 & 2 Roller Systems: 10.5” Wide x 12” High
3 & 4 Roller Systems: 21” Wide x 12” High
5 & 6 Roller Systems: 30.75” Wide x 12” High
7 & 8 Roller Systems: 41” Wide x 12” High

Mounting Instructions
1) (Only for Wall Mount) Remove the small angle-mounting bracket and remount on the wall side with the small bolts.
2) Mount motor end assembly on the right side using 3 1/2” or larger lag bolts or standard hex head bolts (not included) to studs or beans. The small bracket may be removed to mark bolt holes for pre-drilling.
3) Mount bearing plate the same way in a parallel position to the motor end- at a distance of 5.5” plus the roller size between the two plates. For example, a 10' (120”) roller system should have 125.5” between the inside of one mounting plate to the other (see example).
4) Plug motor unit into the wall outlet in the studio wall.
NOTE: in referring to the right side, we mean the right side as you face the set-up from the camera.

Tips for Attaching Backdrops to Metal Rollers
1) Lay background on the floor with the painted side up. Place the roller on top at the top and curl the canvas around the roller with the drive end of the roller on the right side.

2) Attach the canvas with 3” strips of duct tape across the seam every 18” starting in the middle and proceeding towards each side making sure no puckers develop in the canvas. Next, again starting in the middle, pull two solid strips of duct tap towards each end.

3) Insert roller end to the left into the bearing mounting plate all the way. Then slide the opposite end to the right and onto the motor drive shaft, rotating roller to fit the slot on the shaft.

4) Insert the hitch pins all the way through the small holes in each roller end, passing through the notch in the motor slot and securing the roller outside the other plate.