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Autumn Breeze Backdrop for Photography

SKU : CP-OM2493

We love photography and want our customers to experience the best drops on the market. We believe your photo clients will appreciate the convenience and versatility of printed portrait backgrounds. Use this design with pet portraits, newborn photos, and corporate photographs.

  • Suited for indoor or outdoor photos
  • Printed with thrilling color and detail
  • Amazing with multi-colored attire
  • Comes in 3 options: high quality canvas, collapsable Twist Flex, and Freedom Cloth
  • Developed in the United States

  • This is a Printed version of a hand painted Old Master background. Colors and details will vary. if you would like to have Hand Painted backdrop of this design, click here.

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Raising the bar on photo backgrounds

Denny has done it again - a classic made new. This drop is a printed version of an Old Master photo drop.

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