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Blurred Water Backdrop for Photography

SKU : CP-OM8007

Just like a scene out of a shark movie, take a 10K feet view of a dangerous sea with the Blurred Water backdrop Use this photography background in corporate photos, yearbook portraits, and newborn photographs.

  • Excellent with most styles of clothing such as jeans and shorts
  • A hit at birthday celebrations and weddings
  • Printed with electrifying color
  • Made with the best materials available
  • Can be purchased in high quality canvas, collapsable Twist Flex, and Freedom Cloth

  • This is a Printed version of a hand painted Old Master background. Colors and details will vary. if you would like to have Hand Painted backdrop of this design, click here.

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The Blurred Water Backdrop

Year after year Denny Mfg produces some of the most popular backdrops on the planet. This drop is no exception. A one of a kind made new for the 21st century.

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