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Chair and Bench Photography Props

Chair and Bench Photography Props

Chair Props

Denny is proud to offer beautiful chair props for your photography needs. These props are made for children, toddlers, teens, and adults to sit on during photo sessions. Choose from elegant chairs, painted chairs, wicker chairs, victorian chairs and more. These chairs provide convenience to your subject while fitting in with a wide range of backdrops, floor drops, and natural settings. Never make the mistake again of using a folding chair or the nearest uncomfortable storage box! 

Bench Props

Bench props are a traditional element of school portraits, baby photos, and wedding photos. Discover our selection of double sided benches, locker room benches, park benches, and small wooden benches. Prop newborns up in style with bench props while surprising your clients with beautiful shots year after year. Fool the eyes every time; people won't believe you're not using actual stone, concrete, and rock! 

Contact Denny Mfg. and ask about additional chair props, beds, and ladders. 

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