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Christmas Photo Props

Christmas Photo Props

Christmas Photo Props

Featuring photo props such as chimneys and sleighs and everything in between. Christmas portraits and holiday props go hand in hand. View our selection of Christmas photo props here and fill your next photo session with wonder. This category is perfect for newborns, babies, children, and family portrait photography.  

  • Clothing includes Santa outfits, elf outfits, and capes. 
  • Sleighs come in sizes of small and large.
  • Drums and present props can be purchased individually or in sets. 

Holiday Photo Props

In this category you'll also see joy and happy holiday props. These items are popular during the winter holiday portrait rush and are great for studio photographers, portrait photographers, and hobby photographers. Make this holiday season a season that your clients or family will never forget. Adding a few Holiday and Christmas props to a photo is a quick and easy way to turn an ordinary session into an extraordinary session.

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