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Columns, Banisters, Shapes - Photography Props

Columns, Banisters, Shapes - Photography Props

Column Props for Photography

Column props are often used for wedding, baby, and newborn photography. Here you'll find ancient pedestals designed with a flare for greco roman architecture. The attention to detail in these props provide an unbelievable dimension of realism. Travel back in time from the comfort of your home or studio. 

Banister Props for Photography

Find the perfect faux banister for your next photo session. These products are durable and long lasting. If you love adding three dimensional elements to your photos a banister makes for a wonderful compliment to a backdrop collection. 

Shape Props for Photography

Use shapes to sit subjects on, prop up items, or for background imagery. Here you'll find cubes, cylinders, and hexagons in varying sizes. These items are a huge hit with professionals that take photos of babies, young children, and pets. 

If you're looking for more options or custom made props contact Denny Mfg. directly at 1-800-844-5616

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