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CPMF4174 - Blue & White Tile

SKU : CPMF4174

Photo carpet is a tightly woven surface with a rubber skid proof backing and is seamless.

Vinyl Floor Drop is a printed matte vinyl that is seamless.

Photo Carpet - approximate ship time is 1 week

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Enhance your photography backdrops with a photo floor drop. We offer three styles of faux flooring:

Roll up floors are printed on a durable neoprene rubber that is  2mm thick and has an anti skid backing,  larger sizes will come in separate pieces.  Roll Up floor combinations are as follows:  8x8 size is two 4x8 floor pieces, 8x10 is two 4x10 pieces, 8x12 is two 4x12 floor pieces, 10x10 is two 5x10 pieces, and the 10 x12 size is two 5x12 pieces.

Photo carpet is a tightly woven surface with a rubber skid proof backing and is seamless. These floors are available in seamless widths up to 10'. 

The printed vinyl option will arrive rolled onto a cardboard tube. To use simply unroll and secure to the floor with a low tack tape such as painters tape.  Do not use a strong hold tape such a duct tape, as this could damage the printed surface.

* Any carpet style  or vinyl floor longer  than 8' will have to ship via truck freight*

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