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Drop Stand™ Easy Set Light Stand - 7'

SKU : DS-007

The new Savage Drop Stand™ Easy Set Light Stand is hands-down the most speedy & convenient light stand you've seen! The stand's essential benefit is in its gravity-collapsible and expandable legs that allow for rapid and easy repositioning of lighting when moving between groups and in tight spaces. Simply place the stand on the ground to extend its legs and lift the stand up to retract them automatically. No longer worry about bending down to fiddle with time-consuming leg locks when setting up and taking down your light setups.

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Extends to 7' high
Reversible 1/4 20 / 3/8" stud adapter usable in either the top or side of stand
Air-cushioned to increase security when lowering
Durable aluminum collars
4-section all aluminum construction
Maximum load: 15 lbs
Maximum height: 13' (400cm)
Minimum height: 47" (120cm)
Folded length: 45" (115cm)

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