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Easter, Halloween, and Valentines Day Backdrops

Easter, Halloween, and Valentines Day Backdrops

Special Occasion Backdrops

Every special occasion calls for a special backdrop. Holidays, proms, and birthdays only come around once a year. Don't miss out on opportunities to WOW your clients; be ready with Denny's special occasion backdrops. 

Easter Backdrops

A special time for capturing shots of babies, newborns, toddlers, and kiddos. We've got you covered with photo backgrounds of eggs, the Easter bunny, and more. 

Halloween Backdrops 

Don't wait until October 31st to put together a flimsy handmade halloween backdrop. Get a jump on the season by purchasing pumpkin, creepy crawly, candy, and fall themed backdrops. Our canvas, Freedom Cloth, and Twist-Flex materials are the best in the business. 

Valentine's Day Backdrops

Fall in love with photography all over again with Denny's valentines day backdrops. Choose from hearts, pink stripes, XOXO symbols, and pink pennants. 

Birthday Backdrops

Capture every birthday party with an unforgettable birthday backdrop. Choose from designs with balloons, stars, and party hats. 

Wan't more options? Don't forget that we also offer custom printed backdrops




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