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Grunge Backdrops

Grunge Backdrops

Grunge Photo Backdrops

Grunge backdrops come in a wide range of industrial, urban, street art, and graffiti designs. Photographers will often rely on a grunge backdrop when seeking after a rugged, distorted, or modern look to their photos. Whatever you're searching for Denny likely has it. Abandoned warehouse? Dark and dingy alley? Old factory? Rusty fire escape? We've got you covered. 

These backdrops bring out the best of the city without having to travel to the city. Shoot from the comfort of your home, professional studio, or on site at a school or corporate event. 

What are Grunge Backdrops Used for?

In the hands of a great photographer the possibilities with a grunge photo background are nearly limitless. Over the years we've seen grunge photography used with senior portraits, basketball and football photoshoots, pet photos, and more. 

When ordering please order width x height and allow up to 4" for trimming.

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