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HDR Backdrops

HDR Backdrops

HDR Backdrops

Browse our selection of HDR backdrops and be amazed at what's possible. 

HDR, short for "High Dynamic Range", is a technique that photographers and designers use to bring out contrast between colors. Your subject is always the center of attention, but having a dynamic background can sometimes add to the overall allure of a photograph. Our HDR backdrops come in designs that radiate with rich blue, red, green, orange, brown, and yellow colors. 

HDP Backdrop Options

Feeling nostalgic? In this category you'll find cityscapes, railroad tracks, street scenes, rustic cars, tunnels, and more. It's no surprise that some pros would consider an HDR backdrop image a must have. Capture photos of children, seniors, musicians, and newborns and be transported to another time and place. 

For a one of a kind photo use a one of a kind backdrop! An HDR background makes for an excellent choice to add to your collection. 

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