Denny Manufacturing

How to Order a Custom Backdrop

Upload one or more images using our FTP server (maximum size per image- 200mb). Prior to uploading your images, please select select Material, mounting option & size for your custom backdrop, Click upload button, select number of images you will upload. In order for to find your image, we are requesting you to enter your name & email address when you are uploading and keep your file name short, without space and special characters. For Example:  name your file as "xyz123.jpg". Following the steps above will eliminate any problems with your custom backdrop order.

If you are having problem uploading images, place your order and share image(s) with this email address- Click Here. Frequently Asked Questions about Uploading Files for Custom Backdrops:

Question: I selected Quantity of 1, uploaded one file, then realized I need to upload another file, what can I do to upload my second image?

Answer: Just close the popup window with the red x button, add to the shopping bag, and then return to the page and repeat same process as your first one.

Question: During upload I entered wrong email address or did not name my files correctly and have already completed the checkout process, what do I do?

Answer: Please contact us ASAP at 1-800-844-5616 so we can do a search for your images and attach them to your order.  Please have you order number when readily available before calling.