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Kwik Change Instructions

Kwik Change Instructions
Click here to download the Kwik Change Instructions in .pdf format.

1. Insert Base Support Tube into each box unit and start the screw but do not tighten until the Kwik Change is completely assembled.

2. Put upright Adjustable Pole into box unit through base support tube all the way to the floor, aligning the pin on the tube between the two pins on the box unit.

3. Adjustable pole should be at the lowest setting until backgrounds are loaded on system. Once the backgrounds are loaded you can raise poles to take out the slack in the backgrounds.


4. Place the two Idlers rollers in the slots of the box unit on either side of the adjustable poles and move the hooks into place to prevent rollers from coming out. The Top Roller goes on top with the brass bushing dropping into the slot. The Middle Roller goes below the top roller and you'll have to lift one end of the top roller in order fix the middle roller between the poles. If everything when as planned the Kwik Change unit should look like the picture on page 2 and you are ready to install the background roll.

5. Starting with the Middle Roller thread backgrounds over the top of middle roller with the painted against the roller. Pull down to the bottom going under the Idler Roller and pull the background up and over the top of the Top Roller. Then back down around the other Idler Roller onto the floor.

6. Here you should have lot of slack on the floor in order to connect the two end of the background. After the Velcro is connected raise the poles and adjust the bolts to take the slack out of the background.

Break Down
When ready to break down tilt Kwik change over the floor and undo Velcro and roll backgrounds up on one of the Idler rollers.