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Light Weight Hand Painted Backdrops - Twist Flex

Light Weight Hand Painted Backdrops - Twist Flex

Hand Painted Portable Backdrops

There was a time when hand painted backdrops were anything but portable. Setting up for a session could be time consuming at best and downright stressful at worst. Difficult and hard to reach locations were out of the question for the average photographer. Heavy backdrops only made matters worse. Fortunately in today's world things have changed. 

Say Hello to Hand Painted Twist Flex

Denny is proud to be the world leader of portable hand painted backdrops. Photography professionals now have the luxury and convenience of setting up quickly and efficiently thanks to Twist Flex portable backdrops. They're lightweight, hassle free, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. 

Lightweight and Beautifully Designed

Every hand painted backdrop that Denny offers is created by a professional artist at the Denny HQ in the United States. You'll love the attention to detail and use Twist Flex for years to come. 

Choose backdrops in dazzling blue, red, black, brown, silver, green, and purple shades. 

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