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Quick Ship Muslin Backdrops

Quick Ship Muslin Backdrops

Quick Ship Muslin Backdrops

Why wait when you can have a brand new muslin backdrop within days instead of weeks? Quick ship products are created on site at the Denny HQ in the United States and are then conveniently shipped to your home or business within several days. 

We created this category for busy photographers with demanding schedules. Find the perfect backdrop, select your size (10 ft x 10 ft, or 10 ft x 20 ft), and let Denny take care of the rest.

Muslin Photography Backdrops

Muslin is one of the world's leading fabrics for photography. There's nothing else quite like it. Year after year, decade after decade, top notch photographers and photo studios turn to muslin again and again. It's the perfect material to hang up or drape. Fold it up at the end of day and use it for years to come.

This muslin material is not washable. Remember to handle with care.

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