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Muslin Backdrops for Photography

Muslin Backdrops for Photography

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Muslin Backdrops

Muslin backdrops are available in an array of different styles. Master Muslin backgrounds are hand painted and are washable. These muslins are heavy and tend to be more stiff than our other styles.

Dream Cloths are a very thin translucent material great for draping over other backdrops or props.  This sytle backdrop is not washable!

Stonewashed muslin are also washable but should be air dryed.  These do not have the deep mottling that a master muslin would have.  However these tend to be softer than the master styles.

Musliln fabrics work well  when used as a graduation backdrop, stage decorations, team photos and any event  requiring a wider application.

Width by Height dimensions should always be used when ordering any of our back drops.  All cloth backdrops will  have a complimentary hemmed loop along the width for support with a crossbar using one of our portable backdrop stands.

Please allow several inches for trimming and shrinkage.

How to Care for Master Muslins

• Wash in front-load washing machine.
• Wash with cold water on light cycle.
• Preferably, air-dry the backdrop.

*Dreamcloth backdrops are not washable.

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