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Number Photo Props

Number Photo Props

Number Photo Props

Number photography props are great for birthdays, graduations, and special occasions like New Years Day. Denny has props large and small to fit any budget. These number photo props are a smash at parties and during baby's first, second, and third birthday. 

Child and Baby Number Props

When it's time for a baby, toddler, or child birthday celebrate big by taking photos with giant number props! It's a big day so offer a big prop. Parent's and grandparents love seeing their loved ones standing or propped up against these props. Pick numbers based on age or calendar year. 

Senior Graduation and Number Props

Every year millions of seniors graduate. Don't miss out on opportunities by not having graduation and senior props. 

Purchase our single number set and save big on props that can work for all ages. Backdrop Buyer's Club members get VIP pricing and can save off already competitive prices. 

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