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Outdoor Props

Outdoor Props

Outdoor Photo Props

Bring the great outdoors into your photos with Denny's collection of outdoor photo props. These props portray realistic wood, rock, stone, and trees using a variety of lightweight and portable materials such as hard-coated foam. Build your dream portable photo set from scratch or add additional pieces to your studio collection. These outdoor photography props were designed for senior portraits, family portraits, baby and child photos, and other varieties of portrait photography. 

Tree Stump Photo Props

A tree stump matches well with forest, nature, and other scenic backdrops. Have your subject sit or lean on these props to get the perfect shot. 

Boulder and Rock Photo Props

Our 3-Tier rock prop, large bolder, rock formation, and rock set are popular items in this category. The texture, bold color, and finite design detail make these outdoor props second to none. 

Please give us a call 1-800-844-5616 to order custom made props. 

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