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Painterly Circles Backdrop for Photography

SKU : CP7695

A printed circles backdrop that looks just like it's been painted by an artist. This is an abstract background with a large range of application in portrait photography. Use it for photographing children, couples, candid shots, or close-ups. Use it on rainy days when it's better to shoot indoors. You'll grow to appreciate the flexibility and adaptability of this product. 

  • Collinear circles of near equal size
  • Brushed washed color look
  • Printed in extraordinary detail on quality materials
  • Recommended for use with a backdrop stand
  • Sizes as large as 10x20 or 20x10


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Painterly Circles Backdrop for Portraits and more

So beautiful it could be its own piece of art, this circle backdrop is part of the abstract category of Denny backdrops. 

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