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Photo Backdrops and Floors

Photo Backdrops and Floors

Photo Backdrops and Floors

A gorgeous backdrop deserves a gorgeous floor drop. The perfect floor drop deserves the perfect backdrop. Why separate what belongs together? Enter Denny photo backdrop and floor sets. 

Combos that spark up the imagination 

These sets pair together a unique backdrop with a floor that matches up perfectly. Never worry again about having to zoom in on subjects in order to miss a dirty, unkept, or mismatched floor. Take full body portraits from any vantage without fear with a combo backdrop and floor drop. 

Denny has picked the best of the best for this category. You'll find wood floors and textured backdrops that go hand in hand. Bright pink, luxurious ivory, and chipper vintage roses dominate and for good reason; clients and professional photographers applaud their beauty. 

No matter if you're starting out or expanding an established business, drop and floor combos are always a safe bet. Become a Backdrop Buyer's Club member today for additional savings. 

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