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Photo Floors - Roll Up Floors

Photo Floors - Roll Up Floors

What are Roll Up Floor Drops?

Photo Floor Drops are made of a neoprene rubber backed material. Floor designs range from faux wood to grunge concrete to grass. These photography floor drops are easily roll-able, can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent, and photograph amazingly. 

What are the Uses for Photo Floors?

Photographers use floor drops for many different applications. Often a floor drop is used along with a backdrop to create a realistic photo setting that stretches from the wall to the floor. At other times a floor drop becomes a must have when photos are taken from an elevated angle or top up vantage point. 

What Sizes and Materials do Photo Floors Come in? 

Denny photography floor drops are available in durable neoprene rubber, seamless photo carpet, or printed vinyl material options. 

The neoprene roll up floors are available in many sizes. The 8x8 size is two 4x8 sections, the 8x10 size is two 4x10 sections, the 8x12 size is two 4x12 sections, the10x10 size is two 5x10 sections, and the 10x12 size is two 5x12 sections.

Seamless photo carpets are available in small to large sizes ranging from 4x4 up to 10x10. These are printed as one long piece.

The printed vinyl option will arrive rolled onto a cardboard tube. To use simply unroll and secure to the floor with a low tack tape such as painters tape. Do not use a strong hold tape such a duct tape as this could damage the printed surface.


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