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Photo Studio Sets

Photo Studio Sets

Photo Studio Sets

Denny has a vision to simplify the process of building out and creating photo sets. The goal here is to help studio owners save big on backgrounds, floors, and props. Denny sets bundle together everything you might need for dazzling portrait sessions. Browse complete photo studio sets organized by backgrounds and props or backgrounds and floors (Sassy Swank Sets). 

Photography Backgrounds and Prop Combo Sets

Shop for background and prop sets made with FlexTex light weight materials. Here you'll find a comprehensive selection of innovative props and designs. Professionals turn to these sets for an all-in-one setup. Stunningly intricate, these sets are designed for portraits of all stripes. Choose from a variety of backgrounds and sizes from basic to advanced. 

Photography Backdrops and Floor Combo Sets

Sassy Swank Sets are backdrops and floors that work together for a complete look. Denny has paired some of the top and most requested backgrounds with floors that will compliment your subjects. 

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