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Photography Umbrellas and Reflectors

Photography Umbrellas and Reflectors

Photography Reflectors and Umbrellas

It's Denny's goal to stock the essential products that beginning and seasoned photographers most often need. Reflectors and Umbrellas fall into this category. They're inexpensive and irreplaceable tools that are great for manipulating light. 

Photography Umbrellas 

White transparent umbrellas can have light pointed through them to create a shot with soft light that stretches broad. Reflective umbrellas are used by photographers to reflect light by having the light shot directly into the umbrella and then back at the subject or subjects. These affordable tools are commonly used by portrait photographers. 

Photography Reflectors 

Reflectors can be purchased individually or as part of a kit. Reflectors with different colored surfaces modify light in different ways. White bounces light, while a cold color reflects light even more. A gold reflector creates an orange tone. The larger the reflector that you purchase the softer the reflected light will be. Black surfaces are used to block light. 

Denny also has several holders and stands for reflectors. 

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