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Photography Backdrops - Retro

Photography Backdrops - Retro

Retro Backdrops

Retro backdrops are a collection that inspire and remind us of decades and centuries past. Here you'll find an array of 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s themed backdrops along with a variety of other timeless and classic photography designs. You'll notice that many of the products that are in this collection pay homage to classic architecture and interior design. Why? There are simply some traditional backdrops that will always be asked for year after year, session after session. 

Here's a sample of what you can find in this collection: 

Chevron Backdrops

A familiar zig zag pattern. Available in mixes of yellow, pink, white, blue, gold, and other colors. 

Circle Backdrops

Unapologetically postmodern and come in shades of silver, red, and brown. 

Retro Tile Backdrops

Epitomize luxury and elegance and seek to replicate the physical properties of ivory, copper, and gold materials. 

Tufted Backdrops,

Available in teal, purple, tan, and other shades. Add a flair of elegance to any photo shoot.

Photographers that have an a eye for anything renaissance or baroque are quick to appreciate these classic backdrops and it's our belief that once you go retro you'll never go back. All Denny Mfg. products are manufactured with care so you can be assured that you'll receive uncompromising quality that you can trust and depend on. 

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