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Scenic Design Set Props

Scenic Design Set Props

What are the applications for scenic design set props?

Both small and large photo props can serve aesthetic purposes, functional purposes, or a mixture of the two. Aesthetic props are the added pieces that make an unforgettable setting. These items either blend in or pop out in relation to painted or printed backdrops and provide that extra bit of realism and design that can take a photo to the next level. These props would be right at home on a studio stage or in the theatre. 

Other props are more functional. They serve a purpose such as providing an object for subjects to stand on, sit on, or lean against. The best functional props are usually both visually appealing and can serve a variety of purposes depending on what's required for the photo. 

What types of set props are available? 

Denny is the world's leading manufacturer of scenic props and carries some of the most sought after options on the market. You'll find a selection of arches, walls, columns, stones, steps, benches, windows, and more.  

If you can dream it Denny can make it. Contact us at 1-800-844-5616 to discuss options for custom made props. 

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