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Sheer Dream Cloth Backdrops

Sheer Dream Cloth Backdrops

Sheer Dream Cloth Backdrops

Dream Cloth backdrops are made from a translucent, spun-bond material. They can be use in conjunction with existing backgrounds, as a drape, or used as a backdrop by itself. Studio photographers have used them for senior photos, family photos, and other applications. They're also made to travel and can be used on location as needed. 

Why do Professionals Use Muslin? 

Every muslin backdrops is manufactured in the United States using the highest quality paints and materials.

Photographers love the mix of color, versatility, and how light and portable they are compared to other muslins. These products are made to last and can live up the most strenuous of travel schedules. Because these products are not created in bulk, each piece is a true one of a kind. 

These are Quick Ship products and available to ship within a few days.

This type of muslin backdrop does not include a hem loop.

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