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Soft Boxes for Photography

Soft Boxes for Photography

Photography Soft Boxes

Nearly every professional photographer at some point or another will use a softbox for artificial light. These photo lighting devices diffuse light by first containing it within an enclosed space and then allowing it to shine through a white screen or panel. The end result is light that is softer than a standard hard light or flash. 

Why Do Photographers Use Soft Boxes?

Soft boxes create excellent artificial light and can be used in a darkened studio or to complement or combat natural sunlight. The light that comes from a softbox reduces shadows and can resemble the natural lighting that comes from a window. 

What softbox shapes are available?

Denny has several softbox shapes to choose from. A 4x6 is a traditional rectangular shape, while foldable soft boxes come in square or octagonal. Dome style soft boxes are also popular. The distance away from your subject and type of shot you're taking will influence the size and shape of the best softbox to use. 

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