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Spectra Backdrop for Photography

SKU : CP-OM9681

Looking to set yourself apart from the herd of studio and freelance photographers? It all starts with talent and vision, but after that comes setting and equipment. This drop - the Spectra Backdrop - helps you create a memorable scene that speaks volumes. This is a great photography background to use with toddler photography, family photos, and senior photographs.

  • Thrilling color and detail
  • Can be used in a professional studio or home
  • Pairs perfectly with brightly colored clothing types such as jeans and shorts
  • Developed in the United States at the Denny Mfg. HQ
  • Created on Freedom Cloth, non-reflective canvas, and Twist Flex

  • This is a Printed version of a hand painted Old Master background. Colors and details will vary. if you would like to have Hand Painted backdrop of this design, click here.

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A top choice for portraits.

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