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Stone Wash Muslin Backdrops

Stone Wash Muslin Backdrops

Stonewash Muslin

It's time to make your photo sessions a cut above the rest. Portrait photographers flock to stonewashed muslin backdrops for one big reason: they provide a desirable washed or faded affect. 

A classic stonewashed look is hard to compete with when you're trying to create an unforgettable portrait. 

Why is Muslin Popular? 

Muslin happens to be one of the most common backdrop materials used by photographers for formal portrait backgrounds. You'll find this style being used with newborn, high school senior, family, product, and corporate photo sessions. This is a time-honored fabric that is frequently in demand. 

The Best Cotton Muslin 

Denny Mfg. uses only the best cotton muslin fabric in our stone wash backdrops. Each piece is made in America, created by a team of experts, and is handled and shipped with care. These muslins are made with a dyeing process to create a softness to the material which gives it a worn look. 

Each stonewashed backdrop that Denny Mfg. produces comes with a rod pocket for ease of use with a backdrop stand. They can be folded for storage and are lightweight.

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