Denny Manufacturing

Muslin Backdrops

 All Muslin Backdrops have a complimentary 3 inch hemmed loop along the top width of the backdrop.   Easily slide a crossbar through the hemmed loop for easy hanging.  The only style of muslin backdrop that we recommend washing in a commercial washer is the Master Muslin series.

Master Muslin Backdrops are stretched across a frame and hand-painted with fabric paint, thus making them washable backgrounds. This type of muslin backdrop tends to be heavier and stiffer than other types of muslins for photography. Wash in a commercial front loading machine and hang to dry.

Stonewash Muslin Backdrops are hand painted and then washed to achieve the lightly worn look. This muslin backdrop is painted using a lighter weight material.

Twist Flex Backdrop are stretched across a flexible folding frame and hand painted with latex-based paints. You can also choose to have a printed backdrop mounted to a twist flex frame.