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White Brick Backdrop for Photography

SKU : CP7443

Very few photography backdrops are as universally loved as a white brick backdrop. The classic and clean look of white bricks can be used for a large number of portrait sessions and provides repeated value year after year. Wedding photos, athletic portraits, senior portraits, newborn photography, and family portraits are just a few of the many applications that white brick can be used for. Many professional photographers prefer shooting with photography backgrounds like this because of their ease of use and the added benefit of being able to control lighting and set up. Shooting with a printed brick background is typically easier than finding a location that is clean, open to the public, and photographs well. For photographers that are doing multiple shoots per month, the convenience of set up in a controlled environment becomes a must have for higher return on investment. Denny has been producing backdrops for nearly fifty years and is proud to offer thousands of drops and props at affordable prices to new, growing, and seasoned photographers and studio owners.

  • Incredible quality printing - the best in the industry
  • Realistic detail
  • Portable and easy to use with a backdrop stand or mounting system
  • Created and designed at the Denny production facility in the United States
  • Available now in colorfast Freedom Cloth, hassle-free Twist Flex, and easily storable canvas

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White Brick Wall

Manufactured exclusively by Denny Mfg.

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