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Wood Photo Floor

SKU : CPMF4072

Enhance all your backdrops with a roll up floor for a versatile photography studio!


Photo carpet is a tightly woven surface with a rubber skid proof backing and is seamless.
The Roll Up floors are available in sections.

  • 8x8 size is two 4x8 floor pieces,
  • 8x10 is two 4x10 pieces,
  • 8x12 is two 4x12 floor pieces,
  • 10x10 is two 5x10 pieces, and
  • 10 x12 size is two 5x12 floor pieces.

Both material selections can be rolled for storage.
Vinyl Floor Drop is a printed matte vinyl that is seamless.

Photo Carpet - approximate ship time is 1 week

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Denny's wood photo floor is for photographers who want to take their photos to the next level - the ground level. Add a floor drop to provide another dimension to your photos. These products are made in the United States of America and ship quickly. 

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